Monday, February 7, 2011

In The Year 2076 (Or 65 years from now)

As We May Think by Vannear Bush

So after reading this article from around 1945 and hearing what Bush had in mind on what sort of techs he believe were to come in he later years, I'm suppose to write about my predictions on what sort of technologies there will be 65 years in my time. Of course, assuming that there is a possibility that a 2012 apocalypse like-scenario will happen and that Ronald Emmerich will be true to his words on not making another movie involving disasters, rest assured we can still create a few predictions on what sort of technologies will be bound in the year 2076.

*There will be exceptions where instead of predicting what sort of techs will be available in the far future, I will be predicting what our society will have in terms of social constructions and hoe life would be like as well.

1) Movies: Many of us have watched movies by going to a place where many friends and strangers congregate to watch a movie in a public building with the necessity of the room to be dark and with the use of a movie projector via projector screen, in which we call it a movie theater. Now with the creation of VHS/DVD, many people can watch movies from their living rooms or personal spaces for example. Even with the recent inclusion of watching movies with an Xbox 360 and Netflix streaming service, you can watch movies not just with friends in you living room, but they too can watch it in their own rooms without going to your place. [Reference]

What could be possible for the future is to have movie studios to release movies without making it exclusive to watch at the theater itself and instead let people download or digitally rent the movie for a certain time. Many online services like Netflix, PlayStation Network, Amazon Online, Comcast OnDemand have the ability to give the user access to movies right in their homes. With that, the percentage of movie theatergoing would dramatically drop, jobs in the theater business would plummet at an all time low, and possibly the price to actually view the newly released movie on to your television could be risen, since the idea of watching a new movie at your place, one could gather many people and they wouldn't have to foot the cost of the movie purchase.

It takes the idea of creating a public area to have an area that is an ideal stage for movies to be shown and compacting it to your television and media device.

2) Instant Gratification, Impulse Buying, Downward Depression: Today, we now have so many choices in life, like which car to buy or which video game to purchase, the almost unlimited choices can fatigue us and cause us to lose control of our lives, making ourselves spiral into depression. People will start to have no self control over themselves because now that there is so much to choose, there seems to be almost no value at all for anything in life.

I can feel the same way when I want to purchase a video game at a Gamestop and as I look around the aisle, I see a wide variety of games that I could pick and bring home with me. the problem is that in my mind, I would want to buy all of the games on the shelf, but I'm also on a budget, which means I can a limited amount of money to purchase a couple of cheap games that are months old or the new game which cost the same amount as all of the cheap games combined. Just trying to decipher on what to get makes me mentally fatigued and eventually I give up on what to buy by leaving the store.

Of course, with the wide selection of tech that we can choose to purchase, it gets difficult to choose on our own, so we rely on magazine or online reviews to conclude on what to purchase. Even so, having an overload of tech that we can choose that will either give us the same result.

3) Movement of the Anti-Tech: With the ever expanding of how digitals devices and technologies like the iPod, smartphone, internet, video games, and much more have taken part or taken over our lives. We have many technologies that can possibly give us a way to interact with someone else digitally with little or no physical interaction. Of course, there is a faction of people who are aware of the tech surrounding our lives and believing that society would collapse unless we stop creating new technologies, but the problem is that with the help of consumerism, we are now pushing ourselves to create more tech that is supposed to better our selves, whether that is junk technology or useful technology.

The Slingbox for example, is where you can plug in your cable box, connecting it to internet broadband and broadcast television to all of your other electronic devices like your computer monitor or Blackberry. Whether the argument for the device to be considered useless is up for question, but lets call it junk tech for now.

As for useful tech, like a Dialysis machine, which helps people provide an artificial replacement for their own kidney failure. Eventually, people will become unsettled by the fact that the U.S. has become overloaded with tech, a civil war will break out, but not with as much bloodshed and violence that defines what a civil war means. Instead, a faction of people will become isolated from the future, that it will be harder to communicate with them, now that most of the tech will be digital and less analog.

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