Friday, February 25, 2011

My experience in Conceptual Strategies I on video and soon-to-be on Laserdisc

I started to record video of my ART 410 class with approval from Paula and here is a video of my extended body work being observed by the class:

I'm a pretty shy person and I don't like to be on the spotlight most of the time if you watched the video of me trying to explain my art work and just letting people have their say of my piece. There's so much I would like to say verbally, but most of the time, I shy away from that either because I can't compose by words well by voice, that I feel that my thoughts have already been said by other people, I think I said something wrong and people look as me stupidly, and many others things that I can't think right now (you see what I mean?).

Do I still need to present my work to a group of people so that they can get an understanding of my work? Well of course, that's part of my class grade, but if it wasn't required, I would be happier, but I'd feel that my all of my thoughts and labor into my art work were entirely pointless to make. I think that's what challenging about this class for me and my other art classes, presenting my work through verbal communication so that others can get a synopsis on what the piece is about rather than mindlessly reading everyone's artists statement.

But anyway, if you wanna watch that video and much more, I made a playlist of videos of most of the people's work:

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