Monday, February 7, 2011

My Initial Plans for the Extended Body Project

Now I've been looking for some visual video that shows how Gecko's can stick up to walls, considering that it's not necessarily "sticking" in terms of gum or glue, but rather the nano split-ends of hairs, or setae, that a Gecko has on its feet and with the power of intermolecular forces (van der Waals forces), it can literally walk of walls of glass, rock, and so much more. Even in the near future, robots might have the chance to use this technology with the help of fixing Gecko tape they might be able to reach on top of cliffs or mountains, making it easier for landscaping or even rescuing lost or injured hikers.

Gecko Adhesive in action w/ Wheeled Climbing robot

Of course, what I would like to do for this project where I can choose what I would like to improve on myself in terms of extending the use of the body is to have hands that can adhere to most surfaces without the use of surface tension (e.g. sticky tape, super glue).

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