Wednesday, March 2, 2011

2nd Round of Chance Project (Indeterminacy)

For the 2nd round of the chance project, I am challenged to do what my partner is doing for her chance project; working on the same project as she is with the same mode of operations my partner has done with the project.

You can check out the project she chose to do:
Taryn's Chance Project

I was told to go to the random integer generator and generate 30 numbers, from values between 1 and 5, representing the number of seconds.

The 30 random integers chosen:

After that, I had to upload Sktech onto my desktop and was given a save file that contained the coding that Taryn used, making it easier to do the project, without any coding myself.

Coding that was given to me:

I was told to start with the right arrow key when I activated the program and to switch from the right to left arrow keys and hold those keys for a number of seconds, depending on the integers given to me, starting from the top row, selecting numbers from the left and to the right.

And here is the finished product:

-I found Taryn's chance process to be more simpler than mine, considering that I had a lot of integers to organize and place onto Mario Composer, a software program I found to be very buggy at times. Taryn's choice of software is much easier to use due to being open for elementary school children, but much can be manipulated in complex ways not for its intended audience.
-It reminds me of a Spirograph drawing; with its use of curves, uniformly moving together at the same time in different directions.
-I find this piece to have more of an aesthetic appeal due to its way of uniforming four sprites moving at the same time, but at a different direction compared to my work.

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