Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mark Dery Article

From distorting the intended message of the mainstream media, advertising, or through actions, like a performance for example, culture jamming distorts it by changing its message politically or for other reasons.

I've been interested in culture jamming even before I heard of the term. When I was a freshman in high school, I stumbled upon into a classroom filled with billboards and posters that were actual advertisements of products, but it's images were distorted to change its situation by changing its text or setting, making its message different in terms being of political or social commentary. It took me a second glance to realize that none of the posters showing corporate products or familiar images not introduced in the first place. One example of that can be the U.S. flag, iconically known for it's 13 red and white stripes and blue canton, where it bears 50 stars in it's area. The flag I saw looked like this, but note the overall shape is suppose to be rectangular.

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