Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Culture Jamming Project: Progress of Logos

So here's how far I am with the third project, in which we had to change the message or design of a logo chosen by us. I went for Abercrombie & Fitch and warped it's logo by changing the text, which has now become this:

Based on the logo:

Here's my interpretation of a&f Kids:

Based on these images:

Update 4-6-11: When I first started having thoughts about this project, I've been thinking of doing multiple logos for clothing companies, but I wasn't sure whether I had to focus on one company logo, which I didn't think was open to more creativity for other logos and possibly billboards to be modified by creative hands. I am thinking of making a few color copies of my A&F Kids anorexic kid in certain shopping locations or my Hollister logo that I just did below.

My Hollister Co. logo I have done shows the words Hollister Co. and California below it, switched to Prostitution and Vietnam. This logo addresses the problems the prostitution of women in Vietnam, which a statistic saying that 5% of prostitutes are children, possibly to 20,000, although the statistic is unfortunately higher (Christian Science Monitor, 21 May 1997). It is tied with the fact that Vietnam also manufactures the clothing that gets shipped to Hollister Co. clothing stores around the world, with Vietnamese workers getting paid little, compared to how much their clothing is priced on average.

The girl in the logo:

I also did a logo heist of the new Old Navy logo.

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