Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jamming in the Nude, without getting caught

So I finally jammed one of my works, but it wasn't the original logos that I jammed, rather it was the Hollister Co./Prostitute Co. logo onto an actual Hollister store, on the exterior inside a mall.

Here's me holding my logo outside the mall:

Posting my logo onto the Hollister text outside of the store:

An overview shot of the store:

I'm not really sure if anyone actually caught my logo after sitting around outside the store, seeing if people noticed the logo, but the place where people walked, a majority of people from the picture above walked from the right to the left.

So I didn't find a good location to place my logo, although I did have thoughts of placing it around the Castro in San Francisco, which I feel would be more effective due to its Diesel clothing store right by the MUNI station, which many people get off and on (no pun intended) for transportation.

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