Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My trip to the de Young. . .nah, I'm going to the California Academy of Sciences (Part 1)

California Academy of Sciences
55 Music Concourse Dr.
San Francisco, CA
(415) 379-8000

I planned my trip for a couple of months to go to the de Young Museum on a weekend a couple months back after hearing about a Bank of America program where you can get free admission to certain museums with a Bank of America or Meryill Lynch credit/debit card (Musuems on Us). So as I got to San Francisco, I took a bus to get to Golden Gate Park, which took about a half-hour to get to the park until I realized we were there when I saw a bunch of greenery as tall as the street lamps, which I knew that in the city, you'll only see plenty of green foliage when you're at a park. Since it was also my first time to the park, I also planned to explore the other locations that the park had to offer after I was done exploring the de Young.

As I walked closer to the museum, I was given a beautiful view of an Music Concourse Bandshell, an open plaza that was situated between the de Young and the California Academy of Sciences, which I didn't realize that the science museum was so close by. I started to have second thoughts about going to the art museum and instead going to the other museums, as I had more intentions to explore more interactive art and sciences than passive art. I wanna feel the bumps and ridges of Claude Monet's paintings, the water lilies or even the statues that can't be touched, but I understand the museum's no touching policy, which means if I were free to touch the works, everyone else should.

[When I observe paintings for a bit, I imagine was if it were candy. It reminds me of Skittles, with its variety of colors and flavors, from orange, cherry, lime, and so much more, that you can almost lick the painting, only to realize that you can taste the acrylic on your tongue and you come back to reality. Good thing I only did that to the acrylic painting in my room.]

So I opted to go to the Academy of Sciences, which I will never regret going, even though they charged me $25.00 for admission, which was not bad with a student discount. Anyway,

I had my camera and video camera, took a couple of videos posted on Youtube and pictures that showed what my experience was like:

So there was this board where you can write suggestions of what to do to create a more sustainable environment on a piece of paper, which you can also reuse as well. I decided to write a message using all of the papers hanging on a metal rod and this is what I got.

I did not draw any of these pictures, I left them as they were and wrote a message with letters somewhere around each of the papers.

[Link leads to a series of photos on my personal FB page]

I spread a message at the Academy of Sciences

I finally get close up and personal with a gecko, sticking on the glass wall of its exhibit. I got my face very close to the glass, carefully examining its hands as I reflect back to the first project I did where I photoshopped a part of my body beyond its capabilities.

My overall experience with the science museum was pretty fantastic, from getting inside the greenhouse, housing some of thee most luscious trees and fauna, housed with exotic animals, including the butterflies, which flew all over the greenhouse. Although there are more photos and videos that I took, I can possibly post the rest of my Youtube and personal page (Facebook).

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