Saturday, April 30, 2011

An Incredible Kinetic Sculpture of Well-Known Monuments in San Francisco. Made Out of Toothpicks.

Does anyone remember having one of those marble run toys as a kid, where you can build an unbelievable combination of structures that included ramps, tunnels, sinkholes, and much more to create a labyrinth for your marbles to move around in a more fun way? Well a guy named Scott Weaver created an almost improbable monument of all of the most well-known landmarks and monuments of San Francisco and built a marble run piece made entirely out of toothpicks, which the golf sized-balls run through this rollercoaster-like course.

This piece will be exhibited at the Exploratium in San Francisco until the 31st of May this year, so get to the museum until the exhibit is over. [Materiality: Wood]

Scott Weaver's blog about his sculpture piece: [The San Francisco Sculpture]

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