Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ideas About My Third Project

As school is coming to its mid-life crisis, I too am going through one as well. Now with our third project coming up, which we will be doing some Culture Jamming, where we have a public space with a certain message or messages, what we would put and where?

Well this video sparked an idea, which got me thinking about making something that would create a spark among people in public. Now considering this may not be exactly what we are suppose to do for the next project, since we're told to create an ad, logo or billboard and put in a public space, I find the children's reactions to be wholesome and just quite interesting, which is what I would like to see in adults as well as children if I were to create something that gives a reaction to my work.

Plus, it's Sesame Street, what's there not to like? I've always been fascinated with the show and the way they integrate learning with optimizing critical thinking among young children who watch the show, but even so, there's so much that adults can learn and consume as well just from watching what the show has to offer.

My synopsis:
In the video, a plastic bag lays on a metal vent, which the vent is used to circulate air from the underground subway. A man who is apparently an artist then picks up the bag and has some thought after "straightening" it out, picking up other bags lying around the streets. Eventually, he creates this thing out of those bags, which then rises up as a bear whenever air is coming out of the vent. People walking on the streets react to the inflatable air bear, including little kids, who one kid at 0:49, catches his eye and starts walking towards it, making a curious stare at it, then checks out the bear with a happy gleam on his face.

A little girl walks with her mom at 1:00 with a shocked face and runs to the bear, checking it out as well. The bear eventually deflates and the girl is in a disappointed state. Even so, the sound of the underground train gives us a cue that air will come up again from the vent, making the bear inflate again. The girl waves goodbye to the bear, cutting to black.

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